Who Are We?


Eleanor is originally from Macclesfield, but moved to London aged 18 to go to drama school. Since graduating, she’s worked extensively across the UK; in theatres including the National, The Old Vic, and the West Yorkshire Playhouse. She also writes and runs workshops championing effective communication in the workplace. As an actor, Eleanor understands the vital importance of connection. Co-directing a charitable enterprise wasn’t something she ever thought was on the cards, but being able to provide that feeling of connection for those in-need is an absolute privilege. She isn’t very good at spreadsheets though.


Victoria trained in Musical Theatre and has been lucky enough to sing in shows around the world. Now on the other side of the stage, Victoria predominantly  works as a Director and Tutor, with the odd sing song thrown in for good measure! Having spent months away touring in shows, Victoria understands how it feels to be away from family and friends and how truly vital personal connection is. With its genuine heart and passion, Victoria is extremely proud to have Co-founded a unique venture in Connectforce. Always one for a chat, Victoria is known to send the world's longest voice notes, that probably should've been a spreadsheet...


Claudia was thinking about a master’s degree after leaving university, but when an opportunity arose to volunteer for a children protection charity on the Syria Crisis arose, she postponed and hasn’t looked back. Since then Claudia has stayed working in the not-for-profit sector, championing educational and child protection causes in Jordan, Iraq, DRC and the UK. Her work life philosophy is work smarter, not harder and wants to ensure the Connectforce mission is deployed as efficiently and innovatively as possible. She loves spreadsheets (someone has to).