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  • Victoria Basten

Building Confidence to Shape Futures - Get Vocal!

At Connectforce we pride ourselves in being people led in everything we do.

We've gathered a wealth of anecdotes and feedback which proved the immense benefits that Connectforce Companions was having on the older community, as well as our artist volunteers.

Knowing that social exclusion is, sadly, not a problem solely affecting the elderly, we decided to explore how connecting artists to marginalised communities could go further.

"A study of 20,000 people found that Gen Z scored highest for loneliness even over senior citizens"

“Gen Z-ers are more susceptible to social anxieties, communication issues, and feeling as if they are more isolated from their peers.”

At Connectforce, we see an obvious (and we think beautiful!) link between the communication skills and creativity of artists, and their potential to support those who are experiencing social isolation.

Enter - Get Vocal - a series of workshops which will support young, disadvantaged people to improve their transferable skills.

The programme’s goal is to help young participants to access higher education/employment and to achieve their dreams. whilst supporting them to better understand their value in society and become a co-creator in the trajectory of their future.

We aim to deliver in low socioeconomic areas and ensure total accessibility to the young people who need it most - we’ll primarily target care leavers, young carers and those signposted by local authorities.

The workshops will be led by artists from our roster, who’ll teach exercises, designed to increase young people’s confidence, communication skills and self-expression.

According to the Pew Research Center, jobs requiring strong “transferable” skills have grown 83% in 30 years, meaning investment in young people’s confidence and communication is vital. However, in less than a decade, spending on youth services in England has seen a 70% real-term cut, and there’s a huge gap appearing. Tragically, unemployment rates for young people soared during the pandemic.

We have seen first hand what a huge impact our concept can have in creating connections, amplifying unheard voices and ultimately helping to tackle social exclusion.

Our mission is to allow access to creativity and it's vast benefits to give young people the confidence and power to shape their futures and Get Vocal!

What to know more? Get in touch -

)Sources: CIGNA Loneliness in The Workplace Report, 2020 2)The Workforce Institute at Kronos and Future Workplace by Savanna, 2020


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