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  • Claudia Wace

Lasting Connections: Angus & Margaret

Here at Connectforce we love making connections and getting people chatting.

And sometimes our Companion Pairs get on so well that they want to continue their conversations after their official programme ends.

Here’s just some of our long-term chatters’ stories:

Tell us about your time with Margaret on the Companions Scheme. What sparked your connection and solidified your friendship?

Margaret and I first started chatting back in February of 2021. We quickly sparked up a friendship over reading and writing: from comparing our favourite poets, to discussing her experiences trying to turn the story of her life into prose.

What does the connection mean to you?

Our friendship means a huge amount to me. To have a regular conversation with someone who, a year ago, I had never met is a special thing in of itself. But on a more personal level, I find our conversations deeply grounding. Margaret is a great listener, who takes great care to ask my questions about my life. Her interest and wisdom are a constant source of comfort to me.

What made you want to continue chatting when the scheme was finished?

Simply that it would have felt wrong not to! We were both enjoying our weekly conversations and - while we now only talk every two-weeks or so - it seemed only natural that we would continue. A year on and we are still having our regular check-ins.

What's your favourite memory of your time together?

Not a memory, but Margaret will always send me an animated e-card to mark a special occasion: birthdays, Christmas, my recent engagement. They always put a smile on my face.

How has it been since and so you have plans together in the future? (we know that you have a theatre trip planned!)

We’re thick as thieves to this day. This weekend we’re off to the New Diorama theatre together to see a play together - which is our first in person meeting - and we’re also making plans for me to visit her at St Peters residential home in Lambeth, where she lives. I’m always learning from Margaret, and I look forward to our friendship continuing long into the future.


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