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International Women's Day: Our Thoughts

Today is International Women's Day. #IWD is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. We are raising our hand and committing to the #ChooseToChallenge pledge.

To mark the event, our co-founder, Claudia asked our team of strong women who work tirelessly for the Connectforce mission to give their insights into what they think being a woman in 2021 really means…

The women in Connectforce

It was fascinating to learn more about the minds of those who you work with daily. Often our days are spent frantically calling care homes, inducting volunteers or getting our heads around a new challenge. So I #ChoseToChallenge myself to take stock, listen and hear how the Connectforce colleagues view themselves as women.

Here are a few of my favourite snippets:

Elle, our gorgeous lass from the North, would tell her 10-year-old self to not worry so much. She also would advise her that singing louder than everyone else in school assembly wasn’t necessarily an achievement. I would #ChooseToChallenge her there though – a true star should never dim their shine. But rest assured, Elle has never lowered any light power there and continues to be powerful, resilient and ‘hella’ unique.

Elle - our gorgeous lass from the North

And then we have the incredible Rhian who is an inspiration to us all. A successful marketing and content specialist, mother of two and our social guru. In a world where we are encouraged to follow a somewhat predestined path and differences aren’t always

Rhian - our digital guru

welcomed, she has a different view. Rhian champions the belief that we are not all made the same, and can’t all be good at everything. It’s about recognising differences, playing to our strengths and making the most of our talents.

Our songbird Vikki was asked what this day means to her and I don’t think I could put it better myself. She said,

Vikki - Our songbird

“Days like this are a rallying cry to focus on current issues - to work together on solutions for change and development. International Women’s Day is another focus for us to look back to move forward in becoming a more inclusive and diverse society.”

It was also interesting to learn that what Vikki envisions transformative leadership to be; empathetic, inclusive and more open is exactly what she encapsulates when leading up the Connectforce team…

Giorgia, who always brings her infectious go getter attitude on a dreary Monday morning, had positive view of what a woman in 2021 was. She saw it as empowering, and how we were on the right track to secure the freedom and equality of the woman in future generations. When she states that “we can finally be whoever we want to be!” it couldn’t be more true. When Giorgia joined us as a volunteer, she declared her dream was to work in software sales for a tech start up, and she has done exactly that. Congratulations to Giorgia for doing exactly as you wanted and getting the job you so clearly deserved!

And then there was me…. So what do I think it means to be a woman today? Click here to find out along with the other insights from the rest of the team!


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