• Claudia Wace

How we are measuring our social value

Earlier in March, one of our co-founders, Eleanor attended a training course to become a Social Value Accredited Practitioner. We know, it’s a bit of a mouthful, but keep reading and all will be revealed.

The course was run by Social Value UK, the professional body for social value and impact management.

It was a fascinating insight into Social Value Accounting, but more importantly, how Connectforce can use it to improve services for the people who need them most.

So what is SVA?

Social Value Accounting is a framework that charities and social enterprises use to measure the value of their work.

It’s a way of keeping track of the impact that organisations have beyond the pounds and pence. Instead, SVA measures social value which means accounting for things like impact on people’s wellbeing, positive effects to the environment, or positive consequences for communities.

This framework is super important for organisations with charitable causes because their purpose is not financial. Unlike for-profit businesses, the amount of money that they make is not a viable way to measure their success.

At Connectforce, our primary purpose for using Social Value Accounting is to track the difference that our social initiative is making to the people we work with. Using this framework, we can measure our impact and improve our programmes at every step.

We can ensure that our services are led by direct feedback from our older people and our volunteers. Eventually, accounting for our social value will also mean that we can say pound-for-pound what our virtual programmes really deliver!

The course itself was a pretty intensive couple of weeks, but the material that it covered opened Eleanor’s eyes to a whole new world of technical jargon! She also learned some pretty cool things about how to use spreadsheets. Being of an artistic background, this was a very different field of study for her! Nonetheless, it was really interesting, and we can’t wait to put the tools into practice.

Thanks so much to the team at Social Value UK for imparting their wisdom, and we are very much looking forward to putting our new skills to good use.


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