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Here are some of our favourite stories and journeys we have collated along the way...

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& Neville

Neville is a regular on our Connectforce Companions but his recent chats with Alanah have been special for both of them. The two met over zoom in the Autumn of 2021 and hit it off straight away. 

“I loved my weekly chats with Neville! I found myself looking forward to them all week. He is a cheeky chap with a wicked sense of humour! I don’t think there was a single call where he didn’t make me laugh.

“Neville’s mischievous spirit and quick wits are proof that you really are only as old as you feel.”

Can you spot Neville’s Halloween prank on Alanah in the picture?

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& Ronald

These two have been paired since summer and have kept in contact after their 8 weeks were up.

Wendy, one of the care staff, explains what an impact these calls have had on Ron:

“It's helped Ron a lot mentally because he was a little bit down before he started doing it, obviously because he wasn't having any contact with people other than the care home workers.

I've noticed a difference in him. He looks forward to the calls - he'll say "I'm having a chat with so and so today" and he looks forward to seeing someone else in the outside world. It's lovely to see them smiling and enjoying themselves.

Especially with someone like Ron - he doesn't have much family and the family he does have live far far away. It has helped him to talk to other people. The contact has been good for him"

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Jonny & Margaret 

Margaret and Jonny. That iconic duo. Where to really begin with these two?

Jonny and Margaret were paired up at the beginning of 2020 during the winter lockdown, and kept in touch intermittently after their 8 weeks were up. Their conversation had predominantly centred around cricket and gin, one topic Jonny had little prior knowledge on and the latter plenty. 

Once the world started opening up Margaret wanted to show Jonny the sport in action which they had spent so much time talking about.  Cue in Jonny’s post.

His tweet went viral, garnering THOUSANDS of likes and retweets whilst our twitter following blew up.  The trend #belikemargaret begun, Jonny was interviewed by national radios and we were approached by numerous TV channels to see if there were more befriender pairings like Jonny and Margaret. 

Beside the obvious humour and cheek of both Margaret and Jonny, why else did this pop off in such a way? We believe we know the answer. Authenticity. Jonny and Margaret are pals, doing what pals do together best. Have a laugh and doing new things together.