Get Vocal In Business

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Our mission is to empower people to communicate with impact.


Get Vocal In Business is a series of structured workshops designed to improve the communication and presentation skills in the workplace.


We harness and share actors' professional training in communication to enable people to connect and converse more confidently.

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What we do?

Our tailored workshops are designed to develop:

  • Teamwork,

  • Presence and impact,

  • Sense of empowerment,

  • Presentation and public speaking skills, and

  • Conflict resolution and negotiation skills.

The course structure is adaptable, either as a 1 day workshop or over mulitple weeks. However, as the skills taught are buildable over time, we recommend splitting the course over 6 to 8 weeks to ensure maximum improvement.

Why Get Vocal?

Our programmes' value derives from its facilitators, all of whom are professional actors. Their training is specifically centred around the ability to communicate with confidence, clarity and charisma in front of an audience - skills which are passed on through our Get Vocal sessions.


Our workshops leverage drama-based communication techniques and evidence-based exercises to optimise the way employees communicate within business.


With a network of over 100 professional actors, we have access to a wide range of skills to build programmes that best suit your company's needs.

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We are a not for profit, meaning every penny is reinvested back into our community projects.


By choosing our services, you'll directly support marginalised sectors of society. This includes Get Vocal Youth & Connectforce Companions.