Electronic Device Scheme

Our flagship programme commenced in May as an emergency response to the tragic impact of COVID-19 on care homes across the UK where residents were cut off from their loved ones at the time when some needed them most.


At Connectforce, we quickly realised that this connection was vital, which is why we set about donating easy-to-use electronic devices to those care homes which are most critically in need. This allows care home residents to use video-calling technology to regain the connection to their loved ones that they so desperately require. Whilst we know that nothing can totally replace face-to-face contact, we have seen what a life-line our donations have been over the last few months.


The feedback from the homes to which we have delivered has been brilliant, and we are so thrilled to see what a vast and varied difference our donated devices can have to the daily life of care home residents. We love hearing stories of how much joy it brings to be able to connect with family and friends via video calls – not least for the lady who became a great-grandmother during lockdown and was able to meet the new arrival via Zoom!