Connectforce Community CIC is a social enterprise building connection, creativity & confidence within marginalised communities through collaboration with our network of artists.

Why artists?

Artists and performers are trained communicators, brimming with empathy and openness, and Connectforce is passionate about providing an accessible outlet for these skills to have a positive impact on wider society. 

With a network of over 100 artists, we work with communities to build programmes that best suit their needs. Through one-on-ones, mentoring and group workshops, we bring together artists with people of all ages who would benefit from support. 

Our story

Connectforce was established in May 2020 as a COVID-19 emergency response, seeking to combat the isolation and growing disconnect for UK care home residents.


Initially set out to provide the means with which these residents could communicate with their loved ones: donating electronic devices to over 165 of the most critically in-need care homes across the country. 

Since then, the national and global situation has developed, and Connectforce has grown and adapted; recognising the importance of going much further than the donation of physical resources to get to the root of the profound problem of social isolation within the communities that we work in.



Going forward


We are passionate about building bridges that enable people to connect - so we are expanding our reach and growing our community by encouraging active community engagement amongst arts professionals, providing volunteering opportunities which suit artists’ schedules and skills. 

Whether we work with elderly people in care, young people or professionals in corporate settings, we will utilise the skills of our artists to bring about connection, confidence and community.

Want to learn more about how we work with communities to utilise the skills of artists? 


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