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Hello. Welcome to Connectforce Community.

Our mission is to bring the UK's elderly population back to the heart of their communities, using creative connections to tackle loneliness and isolation.


We work tirelessly to help provide older individuals with access to the technology they need, and to deliver digital programmes which unite the arts world with older people.


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£49 K

Raised Through
Our Campaigns

Over 8000

Care Home Residents Reconnected


New Pilot Programmes Initiated
In 2020

Over 200

Care Homes Supported

What we have achieved so far.  Since 2020...

Tackling Loneliness Through Connection

Connectforce wants to go further than donating electronic devices to older people. 

We organise virtual programmes to create long term links between older people and the arts community. Our people-led programmes are designed to reunite our older population with the gift of conversation and companionship.

The Connectforce programmes

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We would love to welcome you to the Connectforce Community. There are plenty of ways to get involved.

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